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Finally got my order from To Write Love On Her Arms! It’s the National Suicide Prevention Week package and it comes with a shirt the size of your choosing, a stack of the informational cards to pass out at your liking, and the bracelet that says, “You Cannot Be Replaced”. The package is a great deal and it’s totally worth if because of all the good it does. It brings awareness to the topic of suicide. Suicide does happen and it happens too frequently. We should all be aware of it and do whatever we can to stop it from happening. You can help prevent suicide by just being there for people. If they need someone to talk to then you be the person who will listen. If you know someone who’s struggling with depression do what you can to show them they mean something to you. Little things can help. All people need is to know they’re cared about.

September 8-14 is National Suicide Prevention Week so help bring awareness to the cause. And on September 10th make sure to wear your Suicide Prevention gear!

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